Cleaner Spaces.

Effective & Efficient Protection.

Peace of Mind Through Automation.

Providing proprietary delivery systems of laboratory-tested, plant-based disinfectant to create safe and healthy environments. 

Our Offerings

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​The CleanTransit™ Infection Control System is a patented

on-demand fogging system combined with plant-based disinfectant that allows a proven and consistent method for disinfecting vehicles. The automation dramatically decreases labor costs and eliminates the chance for human error in cleaning, providing economical, thorough, and continuous protection for all passengers.

Our Mission

CleanSpray Technologies LLC provides turnkey solutions to easily maintain clean spaces.  Our mission is to use science and technology to provide efficient and effective automated methods for mitigating human exposure to harmful pathogens by cleaning the air we breathe, and the surfaces we touch.

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CleanTransit for Education

Disinfect an entire fleet of buses in as little as 20 seconds with our CleanTransit Vehicle Infection Control System - now eligible under CARES Act Funding. Meeting Title 13 regulations for on-board systems, CleanTransit is the safest way to ensure protection for drivers and children. 

We are a proud member of TAPT, collaborating with transportation departments across the state to push safety and practices to the best possible standard for our students and drivers.

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-Aaron, Salerno's Restaurant & Bar

As a business owner, I am already seeing a positive impact of installing the CleanSpray USA system. Since installing it this week, I have had several customers inform me that they haven’t been out since COVID-19 and after watching our video on Facebook and Instagram, they feel very comfortable dining in my establishment. The feedback that I’m getting online and in person are overwhelmingly positive from the community. They are ecstatic that we have gone above and beyond their expectations when it comes to safety and cleanliness. Thank you CleanSpray USA!!!