​The CleanAutomation™ Spray System is a patented time-set fogging system combined with plant-based disinfectant that allows a proven and consistent method for disinfecting commercial buildings, restaurants, and more. Innovative spray technology employs small particles, to create a fine mist that ensures the most effective clean possible . The automation dramatically decreases labor costs and eliminates the chance for human error in cleaning, providing economical, thorough,

and continuous protection. 

  • Customized installation

  • Covers up to 22,000 sqft. (dependent on building design)

  • Automatic time-set cycle

  • Plugs in to standard 110 volt outlet

  • Holds 55 gallons of plant-based disinfectant

  • Ideal for large areas such as gyms, warehouses, auditoriums and classrooms

  • Automation cuts labor costs, and eliminates the chance for human error with cleaning

  • Disinfectant protects against harmful bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses

  • Particles are small enough to completely envelop surfaces, and get hard to reach areas

  • Quick and clean installation