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Scientist Using Microscope


At CleanSpray Technologies, our mission is more than just ensuring clean spaces: we are committed to educating the public about the right way to clean using safe, eco-friendly methods of disinfection. We take pride in our line of laboratory-tested, plant-based disinfectants that tackle harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces. With EPA certification, and in-house research team, we ensure every product we offer is as safe as possible for people, pets, and our planet.


Our unique, patented CleanTransit Infection Control System, is tailored specifically for buses and transit vehicles: reducing the human error in cleaning, saving on labor costs, and makes proper disinfection both efficient and straightforward. As we strive for healthier spaces, investing in cutting-edge research and sharing knowledge, we aim to provide everyone with the tools and understanding they need to make environments safer for everyone.

Cleaner Spaces.
Effective & Efficient Protection.
Peace of Mind Through Proper Disinfection.

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